Civil engineering

ActiMat is a needle-punched geosynthetic clay liner consisting of two geotextiles: a non-woven and  woven fabrics, between which a sodium bentonite layer is placed.

ActiMat adopts unique self-seeming overlaps technology which doesn’t require any additional treatment of its longitudinal edges.


  • Water reservoirs, dams and river embankments
  • Liquid wastes disposals sites, transfer stations, secondary containment
  • Transport infrastructure
  • Canals
  • Solid wastes storage and disposal sites


  • Self-healing
  • Robust construction
  • Limited preparation work
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Long performance
  • All weather installation, including wet and frozen subgrades


  • unroll on smooth and compacted subgrade
  • apply with overlapping
  • can be applied on humid or frozen subgrade
  • cannot be applied in standing water

ActiMat is produced in 5m wide x 40m long panels, rolled onto a 100mm internal diameter central core, and protected with a plastic sleeve. Other panel sizes are available on request.

ActiMat, if it is in the original undamaged packaging, can be stored without a cover.

Safety instruction
There are no special safety measures required for the handling and installation of ActiMat, other than those normally implemented on construction sites.