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Quality Policy

The aim of our quality policy is to offer customers products of the highest quality. The measure of obtaining these expectations is primarily customer satisfaction, but also the satisfaction of employees GDA sp. z o.o. with a well-executed service. The implementation and improvement of the quality management system according to EN ISO 9001, allows to maintain a good position in the market and constantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of work. This requires the adoption of long-term policy implementation, development and improvement of the quality management system, together with the specification of powers and responsibilities of personnel - including the assumption of responsibility by each worker individually for the quality of their work. We intend to execute quality policy by:

  • deliver highest quality products while meeting all legal requirements,
  • order execution timely, defect-free, high-level quality,
  • optimization of costs at all organizational levels,
  • maintain opinion of trustworthy partner, reliable and credible,
  • cooperation with reliable suppliers which are able to meet our requirements for quality and deadlines,
  • system approach to quality management by defining, implementing, monitoring and optimizing of all identified processes,
  • clear personnel policy – describing the competence, powers and duties of employees,
  • providing the comfort, the possibility of self-realization and development,
  • continuous improvement of skills and expertise of our employees,
  • providing the employees with adequate working conditions,
  • constantly improving business organization and improvement.
These assumptions are the reason for the continuous improvement of our established quality system ISO 9001: 2008. The objectives and related tasks are quantifiable and are continuously monitored.